Can our interiors make us happy?

Let me be more precise. Can a simple bed make us happy? A legitimate question, isn’t it, especially for someone who tries to detect the happiness in our homes. Well, the answer could be unsurprisingly easy: Yes! When we sleep next to the person we love, any bed will make us happy. Whenever we are dead tired, any bed will make us happy. But let us go further in the consideration of a bed as a piece of furniture and thus a part of our very own interior design.

A bed is the heart of a bedroom. And a bedroom is the most private of rooms in our home. Usually, our guests don’t have access to our private and intimate haven (apart from home tours). And the design and styling of a bedroom is a deeply private and intimate task.

Everyone must answer a few questions: Do I like my bedroom to be a neutral, serene space where not only my body but also my senses come to rest? Or do I like a themed design because I feel all calm and balanced when I think of the beach and the sea for example? Whatever the decision is, it influences our choice of bedroom furniture, too.

Now I am a pretty happy girl I’d say and I do love a good dash of colour myself. So when I discovered the Dutch bed manufacturer Auping, I was delighted. I was immediately smitten by the happy yellow bed – it ignited a spontaneous inspiration of creating a happy bedroom that would always make you smile when you go to bed and when you wake up. I imagine the bedroom to be a sunny and happy place no matter what the weather outside is. And after all, this seems like a good idea as I feel that getting up early in the morning is way easier when it’s sunny and bright outside, right? And with a yellow bed, I fell like it would always be kind of sunny and bright in the bedroom!

Whether this bed would really make me happy or not, I will say that choosing the right color and the right ambience for sure makes us happy.

By the way this brand has amazing colors to make your mood perfect. Stay tuned for more!

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