You’ll receive two initial concept boards 7-10 business days after completing your project details. Once your feedback is received, your final room design will be delivered 6 -7 business days later from start to

You’ll receive two concept boards 7-10 business days after completing your project details and personalized product suggestions.

Yes! You’ll communicate with your interior designer during the design process by email.

Absolutely. In fact, we ask if you have furniture you would like to keep in your project details. Please be sure to share photos of the existing furniture you would like to keep.

Yes, our designers keep your budget in mind when selecting furniture.

We work with hundreds of retailers and vendors, many of which are already your favorites and some that are your designer’s “secret sources”. Please let your designer know what stores you like best and they’ll do their best to accommodate specific requests.

No Inspiration Studio is an online interior design & architecture company, providing design services for residential and commercial spaces. No Inspiration Studio works with your style and budget to transform your space. When you purchase a No Inspiration Studio Design Package you have access to our professional interior designers. People use our services to design everything from their homes, apartments, offices and even outdoor patios.

It’s Easy, affordable and entirely online. Simply discover your interior design. Select and purchase The NoInspiration Studio EASY EXPERIENCE at a flat-fee of 395chf. You will receive two concept boards for your space, provide us with your feedback and the designer will send you your final design. Your final design is complete with all the additional information you need to design your space; final design board, how-to instructions, floor plan and shopping list. Plus, you’ll have access to our complimentary purchasing service, where we find you the best prices on your furniture. All designs are fully customized for you with your space, your budget and your style in mind.
We are here to help you fall in love with your home again. Give us a try. We think you will be glad you did.

An Easy experience is an online interior design project that you work on with an approved designer. Each project includes: the design, a floorplan, and a shoppable product list.

If you need help with a room design or with any space in your home, we are here. We have worked on new apartments and homes, and existing rooms that need some love. Maybe you are just moved, having a baby or an empty nester with an extra room. We have done it all. Start-ups, beauty salons, dorm rooms, home offices or retail stores are all in our wheelhouse. Or maybe you are “almost” there and just need the last bit of help.

1 Enjoy the convenience of being able to design your space entirely online.
2 Share your inspiration and feedback without the challenge of scheduling in-person meetings.
3 Save money with our low-cost design fee and great prices on furniture and home decor.
You set your own timeline of completion so you can work within your budget. You can have an affordable room makeover design now and not have to cough out a huge budget all at once.

It is so easy! Answer simple questions, book your Experience, upload a few pictures and provide us with your inspirations from Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram, or other visual sources. Within a couple of days your designer will introduce themselves to you via email. This is a great time to communicate to your designer any challenges you have with your room, or anything else you feel they may want to know.
Your interior designer will get started working on your room design project. You will receive your two initial concept boards within 7-10 business days. In the Easy Experience package your final room design will be delivered 6 -7 business days after your feedback on your initial concepts is received.

Absolutely! You will interact with your interior designer throughout the entire process. You’ll correspond over email or skype — whatever works best for you!

Initial concepts are midpoint designs that are 60% done. They show you the major furnishings, color scheme and general direction the interior designer has in mind for your space. In the Easy Experience package, your feedback is essential for our designer to get to the final design. Immediately after receiving your input, your designer will get back to work to complete your final design plan.

For residential spaces you will receive 2 different initial concept boards for input and 1 final design plan.

Design package include:
1 Designer to work with online
2 Two initial concept boards *
3 Personalized Product Suggestions
4 Direct messaging with you designer

*Mini Experience does not include suggested placement of furniture

Design package include:
1 Designer to work with online
2 Two initial concept boards
3 Additional revision time with your designer
4 Final room design, custom floor plan, and set-up instructions
5 Personalized shopping list
6 Direct messaging with you designer
7 Discount for some suggested furniture in the shopping list
8 Personal design assistant until your space is complete

We categorize our packages and designers into two experience levels: Mini Experience, and Easy Experience. Want the best price or most experienced? Choose the level that works for you.

We can be reached anytime at We respond to email 24/7.

No problem, just email us directly at for a quote. We’ve worked on custom projects including coordinating color palettes and design elements across entire homes.

Shipping policies vary between retailers. We use our retailer relationships to get you free shipping whenever possible.

We honor all retailer’s return policies. All custom items and most sale items are non-refundable.
These exceptions are itemized in your final order.

The first step is filling out our questionnaire. If you’re too busy and don’t have time to fill out the questionnaire right away that’s not a problem. We will be here whenever you’re ready to get started.

The payment it’s trough PayPal

Use a tape measurer to collect the length and width of your room. If you have specific questions around room measurements please contact us at

Basically, if you want to create 2 separate spaces or living areas, your designer will work on 2 separate projects. If you aren’t sure, just contact us at

You will receive an introduction to your designer within a few days of purchasing your product. After the introduction, your designer will begin working on your project. You’ll receive two initial concept design boards delivered to your inbox within 7- 10 working days. Have a rush design project? Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Yes. Providing photos of your space is an important part of the design process. We ask that you upload 6-10 images of your space and we strongly encourage you upload any inspiration that might be helpful to the designers, i.e. pinterest boards, images or links of design spaces you like or of pieces of furniture you like. All of this is done easily through email once you purchase your room design project.

No, your room does not need to be a clean slate. Please take photos of your room the way it exists today and indicate pieces you’d like to keep.

No, most of our clients use their smartphones to capture their room details. As long as we can clearly see the room layout, and products you’d like to keep, file type doesn’t matter.

Not a problem, in fact be explicit about what you like and don’t like in each board. Your designer expects this feedback and uses it to create a final design you’ll love for the EASY Experiece package.

Yes, we provide you with a shopping list in your final design plan.

Your shopping list includes all the products in your final design including product name, manufacturer and price with a direct link to your favorite retailer’s product page for purchase. Our design coordinator is happy to assist you in placing your orders, saving you time and energy if you book the Complimentary purchasing service.

We work with hundreds of retailers and vendors, many of which are already your favorites and some that are your designer’s “secret sources”. Please let your designer know what stores you like best and your designer will do her best to accommodate specific requests.

We work very hard to get amazing prices for you with all of our retail and wholesale partners. Many times we can take advantage of our relationships with vendors to get free shipping discounts or better prices than those available on the internet. These discounted prices are always applied to your order when you use Complimentary purchasing service.

Absolutely! We want you to have the best experience possible and we will go above and beyond to ensure you love your final board. If you have specific problems or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. We welcome all constructive criticism –as well as positive accolades! Either email your designer or email us at

No problem but please let us know at the where do you live. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Yes, If you don’t find a piece of art that doesn’t convince you in our Art Section, you can contact us through email requesting and explain what you would like to have hanging on your walls.

No problem but please let your designer know at the beginning of the process so they can source from the correct retailers.

Yes, you can contact us in Spanish, French and Italian.

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